My Body, The Compass

My body…

My body has challenged me

My body has betrayed me

My body has surprised me

My body has disappointed me

My body has been strong

My body has been broken

My body has been admired

My body has been shamed

My body has been unfaithful

My body has been defiled

My body has been healed

My body is resilient

My body is vulnerable

My body is flawed

My body is powerful

My body is aging

My body is an adventure

My body is…

My body has been abused

My body has been redeemed

My body infuriates me

My body gives me hope

My body doesn’t recover like it used to

My body amazes me

My body dances with my wife

My body embraces my sons

My body hugs my mother

My body is a temple

My body is a failure

My body is a compass…

And everything I try to do with my body, is a guide and a master and a servant

My body is a compass…

It reminds me what I am capable of and what I am not

My body is a compass…

It gives me direction and purpose

My body is a compass…

And when I listen carefully to my body, and I lead my body, my body is my champion

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