Revolutionary You! #93-The Top Five And A Solo Update

Due to some technical difficulties with two shows that were previously recorded, I have decided to release a small update to give you the news and also to unveil our top five most downloaded episodes. We will resume normal programming soon! To learn more about your host, check out and like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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If You Have To Ask

*The title of this post was taken from the Red Hot Chili Peppers song of the same name*


If you’re struggling to reach your goals or you haven’t quite started on the path towards reaching them, there are three questions I would encourage you to ask yourself:

First, how important is your goal (or why are you motivated to change?)

Whether you’re trying to lose fat, hit a new record in the gym, or just feel better how motivated are you to reach it?

Does your life (or health) significantly improve when you get there?

The reason you’ll want to answer this question is because you will likely find yourself in many scenarios where the drive and ambition to reach your goal will falter. If you know how important it is for you to reach your goal, motivation will not be an obstacle you will have in your way as often.

Second, what are you willing to sacrifice to reach your goal?

Achieving anything with your physique will require some type of sacrifice, maybe several of them. This can include the time you need to meal prep, the time you will commit to a gym or a workout routine you do on your own, and possibly some sacrifice of your social life to stay on track.

Third, how sustainable is your plan?

If you’re embarking on a regimen of high intensity bootcamps, crash diets, juice cleanses or celebrity endorsed fads to reach your goal, you not only stand to burn out and get discouraged but regain everything you lost with a vengeance.

Looking at this differently, imagine you want a promotion at work. That’s your goal.

If you get the promotion, not only will you be involved in something that is of greater interest to you but you also get the boost on your resume and the upside of better salary. With those things maybe you can finally afford a family vacation and you won’t have to work as many hours as you do in your current position. These are some motivators to get to your goal.

To get the promotion, you will have to work harder, longer and with more focus to get the attention and respect of upper management thereby putting you in position for the promotion. By doing so, you may have to work some weekends, take away time from family and friends (temporarily) and prioritize other work tasks to be completed more efficiently. These are your sacrifices.

You’ll also have to give yourself a reasonable timeline. Maybe you’re willing to work this way for six months but not for two years. This is your plan of sustainability at a given rate.

This same process of thoughts with advantages and benefits would apply to your fitness goals as well. You need to know where you want to go, why it’s appealing and ultimately what it would take to get there.

Another thing to consider is that you may have to revisit these questions multiple times along the way. A goal that is important to you now may not be important in three months. Or you may find yourself more willing to adapt to change later as opposed to now.

There’s no wrong answer. Only the candor you owe to yourself to decide your best path to success.

We can help.


Revolutionary You! #92-A Primer On The Paleo Diet With Krista Scott-Dixon

After her excellent debut on Episode 66 when we discussed her book, “Why Me Want Eat”, Krista Scott-Dixon returns to discuss the pros and cons of the Paleo diet. We talk about not only Krista’s personal journey implementing this diet but her massive depth of work with Precision Nutrition clients who were curious about it as well. To learn more about Krista, check out and To learn more about your host, visit and like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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Come On In My Kitchen

*The title of this post was taken from the Robert Johnson song of the same name*

I’ve always enjoyed cooking.

In the time that my wife and I have been together, I just haven’t given myself enough opportunities to do so.

I should also add that my wife is a wonderful cook so I would have been hard pressed to top her.

After our son Sebastian was born (in August of this year), I wanted to take some of the load off my wife’s back by trying my hand at cooking more often.

Fortunately, I came across a series of recipe books that made my life much easier.

Scott Baptie, the founder of Food For Fitness, has been releasing a series called The High Protein Handbook for the last few years.

Each e-book has about 30 recipes leaning towards high protein options featuring many different variations including beef, pork, chicken, turkey and seafood.


I was so impressed by the collection that I bought all three and asked Scott to come on my podcast to chat about them. If you happened to miss the show, you can listen back to it here.

One of the things I was happy to note was that even though Scott includes onions in many of his recipes, my wife and I found each dish delicious without them (as neither of us particularly cares for onions.)

In addition, Scott has calorie and macro counts with each dish plus a code where you can scan the meals into your food tracking app.

The other thing I really like about these options is Scott’s prep and cooking breakdown for time so you know how long each dish will take before you can dig in.

As of this writing, I’ve prepared well over 25 different meals from those first three books and each one has been excellent.


This has also been a huge help because my wife has been working steadily to lose the baby weight since Sebastian was born and the fact that we’re not dining out as much makes it much easier to keep calories in line.

In the aforementioned podcast episode, Scott tips his hat to a new book in the collection specifically for use with slow cookers (Crockpots.) I am proud to announce that this new book has been released this week. You can purchase your copy here and get special pricing on bundles featuring the other books as well.

Like any good tip I can offer to help people on their weight loss/wellness journey, I would be doing you a huge disservice if I didn’t let as many people as possible know about Scott’s work.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

If you’re unsure that you want to spend the money (and the books are a bargain to begin with), Scott has several free recipes you can try out without spending a dime. You can check those out here.

For me, these recipes have been an amazing addition to my cooking arsenal and I have significantly more confidence in the kitchen that I had before.

I still can’t quite top my wife’s skills but I have definitely improved and that’s all that matters for me.

I have Scott to thank for that and I can’t wait to try my hand at the slow cooker options soon as well.

I should also note that for those of you on plant-based diets, Scott is working on a book for you too!

So, what are you waiting for? πŸ˜‰



Revolutionary You! #91-A Primer On The Ketogenic Diet With Danny Lennon

It has taken far too long to get him back on the show but Sigma Nutrition’s Danny Lennon returns this week. In our continuing diet series, Danny and I discuss the ketogenic diet. We cover why it might be seeing a resurgence despite not being a new diet and what some of the benefits and disadvantages of this diet could be. To learn more about all of Danny’s incredible work, check out To learn more about your host, visit and like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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One Small Step

*The title of this post was taken from the Stereolab song of the same name*

Losing weight by focusing on calories is a great, if not crucial, path to success.

However, we know that counting calories can be tough and for some, it can be downright discouraging.

I was in a consult with a client recently who admitted she typically drank a bottle of wine each night.

Depending on the wine, that’s approximately 600+ calories per bottle.

So, if my client changed nothing else about her diet but removing the daily bottle of wine she will very likely lose weight by that one change alone.

In reality, it can be difficult to tell someone who is accustomed to drinking a bottle of wine a night to completely abstain.

If we dial the goal down and ask to aim for one serving (5 oz) of wine each night, my client can likely still lose weight and not give up her favorite drink. By doing this, she would be removing nearly 500 calories daily from the diet.

Of course, this is also assuming that she doesn’t make up those calories elsewhere since the bottle of wine is no longer part of the equation.

Does this guarantee success?


But it is one of the little “tricks” one can use to lose weight successfully without ever counting a calorie.

So, if you’re trying to lose body fat and the thought of micromanaging your calories is beyond what you’re wanting to do right now, take a look at some of the mainstays in your diet that may need a more critical eye.

We can help.

Oh, and this is our client Kristie who’s down 13lbs from what she has called “The Big Mac Diet.”

I knew that cheeseburgers were her favorite food so I showed her how to incorporate them into her plan without feeling like she was missing out.

Looks like it’s working πŸ™‚



Revolutionary You! #90-A Primer On Functional Nutrition With Sarah Ashman, RD

I have the great pleasure of welcoming Sarah Ashman to the show for the first time and we chat about the good, the bad and everything in between regarding functional nutrition. This is a great place to start if you’re considering using food as medicine to help you on your journey. Sarah also tips her hat to some red flags you may need to consider if you’re going down this path. If you have further questions regarding this topic, Sarah can be reached at To learn more about your host, check out and like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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Lost In The Supermarket

*The title of this post was taken from The Clash song of the same name*

Anastassia was struggling to find good options for lunch.

She’s a hairstylist who spends most days on her feet so sitting down for a proper lunch isn’t always in the cards.

In a rut with weight loss, we talked about some of her struggles with getting the right meals in.

So, I told Anastassia (as I would any other client), if you want me to go grocery shopping with you, say the word. We’ll make it happen.

She took me up on it and we scheduled a day and time to go shopping.

One of the things I tried to stress was that we needed to focus on simple solutions, not perfect ones. The less she had to worry about food options the easier it would be for her to succeed when choosing what she needs.

For reference, based on her age, height, current weight, level of activity, amount of lean muscle and gender, Anastassia’s daily calorie intake (to moderately lose weight) would be somewhere between 1300-1400 calories.

We talked about splitting her day up into roughly three meals with the option of a snack if she felt like she needed it. To make the math easier, I told her to aim for approximately 400 calories per meal and then she could have a 200 calorie snack or save that 200 for an alcoholic drink in the evening.

As soon as we got in the grocery store, she mentioned how much she loves chicken pot pies. We looked on a food app and estimated that the average single serving chicken pot pie could vary between 300-600 calories.

Since I really don’t like telling clients they can’t enjoy their favorites we talked about the possibility of fitting in a 600 calorie pot pie into her day and how that would affect the other 700-800 for her other meals.

Next, we talked about sandwiches. Looking at some low-carb, high fiber options plus a 4 oz serving of any deli meat of her choice, Anastassia could estimate about 250-300 calories per sandwich. Condiments like mustard wouldn’t really change her caloric intake but mayonnaise would so she would have to account for the latter if she went that direction.

Then, we went down the frozen entree section. While some people have a leaning towards organic versus non-organic, I told her I wasn’t concerned which way she went. If she had the budget for the organic option, great. If not, I wouldn’t worry over it. I did give her a goal for entrees that not only fit her 400 calorie baseline but, where possible, to get at least 20-30g of protein per serving.

Last but not least, we went to the ice cream section. I looked at one of the Halo Top variations which was approximately 300 calories and had 25g of protein for the entire pint. I emphasized “Even this could be a meal for you.”

To which Anastassia asked “Are you kidding? It’s ice cream!”

And she’s right, it doesn’t fit a traditional mold of what a meal should look like but all I wanted her to realize was that she had options and flexibility if she could keep her calories in line.

Is ice cream a proper meal for a weight loss client? Yes and no. Yes, if it keeps a person on the path for their calorie intake and no if it only leads them to overeat. I personally find the high protein ice cream options to be a viable substitute for regular ice cream that is basically just sugar and fat. Plus, it gives someone the feeling that they can have ice cream without botching the diet up.

In parting, Anastassia and I discussed some other snacks and possibilities that she could use which would work well for her profession and lifestyle.

So, when you go shopping next time, shop for the goal. There are options galore for anyone who is trying to succeed at weight loss. You can even dodge the age-old rule of only shopping the perimeter to be successful. All you have to do, is know your goal and get slightly creative with how you’ll get there.

No more getting “lost in the supermarket.”

(And here’s Anastassia hitting a new squat PR @ 125×3)




Revolutionary You! #89-BONUS-The Ultimate Pull-Up Program With Meghan Callaway

Meghan Callaway returns to the show as we release our very first bonus episode which takes us on a slight detour from our normal Thursday releases. She is releasing her brand new project called The Ultimate Pull-Up Program on October 24th and I wanted you to hear all about it from her directly. Make sure you grab it on the initial launch so you can save over 50% on the regular program price. To find out more, check out To learn more about your host, visit and like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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Revolutionary You! #88-Pleasure Not Meating You With Melody Schoenfeld

Melody Schoenfeld is the owner of Flawless Fitness and Evil Munky Enterprises and the author of the new vegan cookbook “Pleasure Not Meating You.” I was fortunate to get an advance copy so we could talk about her inspiration and motivation for releasing her first book. While the episode is being released just ahead of her book release, keep your eyes on Amazon so you can purchase your copy! To learn more about Melody, check out To learn more about your host, please visit and like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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