Revolutionary You! #72-Face The Addiction, Embrace The Self With Kelly Coffey

Kelly Coffey, of Strong Coffey Personal Training, joins me this week. We discuss not only her path to fitness from being overweight but our shared bond of coming to fitness through addiction as well. Kelly has been making huge waves in the industry over the past few years and you’ll hear exactly why in this episode. To learn more about Kelly, check out and To learn more about your host, check out and our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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Words Are Weapons

*The title of this post is taken from the Eminem/D12 song of the same name*

There is a lot to admire when someone takes it upon themselves to improve.

It takes admitting that you’re in a place where things need to be better than they are currently.

More often than not, it takes the help, advice and support of others to see those improvements take place.

But when it comes to weight loss and physique improvements, there is a high degree of sensitivity that many forget about.

For instance, it’s safe to say that most people who need/want to lose weight know for a fact that it would behoove them to do so.

In other words, the likelihood that an overweight individual knows they are overweight is pretty good (and they sure as hell don’t need you reminding them.)

Taken a step further, there are many people in a position of influence who forget themselves. They want what’s best for their overweight child/spouse/loved one and don’t know an effective way to express it.

Here’s my first tip: Don’t.

Allow me to share some examples.

“Wow, you really gained some weight.” (the mother of one of my clients said this)

“You were doing so good, I hate to see you putting the weight back on.” (a friend of one of my clients said this)

“Don’t eat that or you’ll get fat.” (the mother of another client said this)

Client: “How does this outfit look on me?” Parent: “You have a really long way to go.”

Do some of these things sound appalling to you?

What about the things clients say to themselves?

“Look how you have let yourself go.”

“You’ll never fit into those clothes again.”

“Why are you even trying to lose weight? You know you’ll just screw it up.”

When you compound the effects of negative self-talk with what others may say about you, you’ve bred an environment that has no hope for success.

It’s a rare person who can hear: “Wow, you really gained some weight.” from their mother who can say:

“Wow, I guess I have. Maybe I should do something about that. Thanks Mom! That’s exactly what I needed to hear to turn my life around!”

For those of you readers in supporting roles, while you may have good intentions, reminding someone of things like their weight isn’t showing your ability to be helpful or supportive.

It just makes you an asshole.

Taking inspiration from a podcast I did with Kelly Coffey of Strong Coffey Personal Training (which will be released this week), if you want to see change in others, be the role model for change.

If you want others to eat well, then be the one who models that behavior. Not from a holier than thou perspective but from a place of health. No amount of shame or finger wagging needs to be involved.

If you think others need to move more, ask if they want to go on a walk and enjoy the weather. Invite them on a hike. Do things that spark teamwork and participation with low barriers to entry.

Just remember that everyone on a weight loss journey has triggers.

I recently sat down with a client who said that congratulating him on the 10lbs he just lost is the surest way to get him to regain the weight. It’s not the 10lbs he’s lost that motivates him. It’s the other 50-60lbs he still has left to go.

Your words (fairly or not) are weapons.

Use them wisely.

*Special thanks to our clients who gave their personal stories to contribute to this article*












Revolutionary You! #71-Taming Your Hunger With Josh Hillis

Josh Hillis, author of the fantastic book Fat Loss Happens On Monday (with Dan John), joins me this week. As the third coach from One By One Nutrition to share the show with me, Josh brings some best practices to help with food prep, hunger signals and goal setting. This show is jammed with amazing information as Josh knows the right ways to keep the journey fun for anyone struggling to realize their goals. To learn more about Josh, check out and To learn more about your host, check out and like our Facebook page Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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Gave Up

*The title of this post was taken from the Nine Inch Nails song of the same name*

Going clean was easy.

It was not quick.

I ran in waves of eliminating certain drugs in favor of others and watching my tolerance continue to climb for whatever I still allowed into my system.

The most bizarre of which was that the last two drugs I quit on were weed and cocaine; from one of the most socially acceptable to one of the least so.

Without boring you with all of the details, it took ten long years to finally say: I give up.

No more.

That’s the rule.

I find that to be the beauty of things like: veganism.

There are rules.

The rules say: I eat no animal products.

Great! That makes dietary options a bit easier to sift through.

But, if you’re a carnivore like me, there are options aplenty and not a lot of rules.

While I personally and professionally don’t find a lot of value in demonizing foods (or food groups), the reality is that some people just need rules.

If you have celiac disease, the rule is: no gluten. Problem solved.

Since we live in a culture of extremes, rules can work really well. Some personalities (myself included) thrive on a black and white approach to problem solving.

As can be expected, some personalities do NOT thrive on rules. My buddy, Krista Scott-Dixon, wrote an excellent article about that here.

The great thing about these approaches is figuring out where you stand on the spectrum. It’s important to sort out which person you are. It’s also a significant reason why there is a dietary approach for everyone and rarely will you succeed on the same one your neighbor did.

By the way, did they regain that weight or keep it off? That’s helpful to know also.

Ask yourself:

Are there things in my life I’ve lost control over (food, exercise, sleep, hydration, alcohol, medications?)

What can I do to give myself more control so I can get better results with my own health and wellness?

It’s also helpful to know that whatever road you take, may not be the one you stay on. Maybe you need more dietary flexibility to get the first 20 lbs. off and more rigidity for the last 20 lbs.

Rules helped me redefine what my own health should look like. They also helped clients like Rob drop 60lbs in less than a year and keep it off. He set dietary guidelines for himself and didn’t waver until he hit his goal. He knew when it was time to give up certain behaviors so he could get his body in a better place.

Here’s Rob pulling 405 for a new personal record.

Which approach works for you?19055207_1552473911431805_7732816568111716503_o


Revolutionary You! #70-An “Au”some Father’s Day With Patrick Umphrey

Patrick Umphrey joins me this week to get a little bit off topic and away from health and fitness to chat about fatherhood. We share the bond of being parents to amazing young boys with autism and we take some time to celebrate being a Dad, the unique traits of our sons and of course, some early Father’s Day camaraderie. This episode is very near and dear to me and I’m so glad Patrick was able to come on and chat. To learn more about Patrick’s work in fitness, check out his incredible group at,train,progress To learn more about your host, visit and like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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You’re The Inspiration

*The title of this post was taken from the Chicago song of the same name*

What started as simply a way to spread the good word about client success and a partial glimpse of what we do at RevFit has grown by leaps and bounds.

If I had to give a rough guess at how many of our clients are kind enough to let us post pictures of them on social media I would say 60-70%. I’m actually thrilled about that.

And as helpful as all of these pictures have been to promote the business, there’s been another really great result.

These pictures are inspiring.

They inspire clients to work harder or to even start working on themselves at all.

They inspire the support of our community with every post like, love, or similar emotion.

They’ve inspired trainers and health professionals who have taken the time to contact me from others states, other countries, and other continents to applaud the efforts of our clients.

In many ways, the pictures are a reminder to the clients themselves of how far they’ve come, how hard they work and the people they connect with who are at RevFit for the same reason: to get a little bit better every time they walk through the door.

Granted, we’re not the first personal training facility to post pictures of our clients. We certainly won’t be the last.

We do have a blast celebrating their successes and posting that little reminder that:

“Hey, you hit a PR today!”


“Hey, you’re down 20lbs! AMAZING!”

Another somewhat unexpected result has come as well:

Friends of clients will make a remark if they haven’t seen a picture of them training in a while. Even people who don’t train with us are inspired by their friends who do.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll join someday as well.

This post is really just about all of you incredible clients who are kind enough to let us share your successes with the world.

People see you. They are motivated by your results. Your greatness inspires others to achieve the same.

On behalf of Megan, Julie and myself, we are honored to be with you for the ride.


Revolutionary You! #69-Case Studies In Disordered Eating With Brenda Murdock, RD

Registered dietitian, Brenda Murdock joins me this week as we take a new angle in the discussion of disordered eating. I used 5 scenarios from current clients (taken anonymously) to get Brenda’s take on effective strategies to help them. The catch with this episode is that Brenda has no knowledge ahead of time about the individuals and has no idea what I’ll be presenting her with. This is one you won’t want to miss as we try to cover a wide range of different perspectives with regard to dietary strategies. To learn more about Brenda, visit To learn more about your host, check out and like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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*The title of this post was taken from the Bayside song of the same name*

Imagine for a moment that you’ve walked into an attic.

You’re surrounded by old trunks, clothing, and miscellaneous boxes that haven’t been opened in years.

In the corner of the attic is what appears to be a covered painting.

You move over to the painting and remove the sheet that’s obscuring it.

Beneath a film of dust is a remarkable work of art, what many might consider a masterpiece.

Now, imagine the artwork is you.

And you’ve managed to stuff some pretty important parts of you back into a neglected corner somewhere.

Maybe you assumed that if no one saw those parts of you, that maybe they wouldn’t exist.

Or maybe you thought that by pushing them away they would fix themselves.

My kind advice for you is to consider yourself a masterpiece.

You’re already beautiful (or handsome.)

You’re already worthy of recognition.

You have, by all accounts, already arrived.

Your charm.

Your sense of humor.

Your compassion.

Your selflessness.

They are the colors, the texture and the canvas of the painting: those are the parts of you that matter.


You may have weight to lose. That’s “dust.”

You may have strength/lean muscle to gain. That’s “dust.”

You may have pre-exisiting health issues that need your direct attention. That is also “dust.”

Those factors are not YOU.

And once you’ve removed that film of dust from the painting, what’s left is still remarkably, uniquely, and undeniably you.

A word of caution: spend too much time working away at the dust and you might find yourself removing the colors of that precious art beneath it.

The masterpiece.

At the risk of writing a message that may be a little too “woo” or “frilly” for some tastes, you have everything you need to realize your own perfection.

Don’t let the “dust” determine your worth.

Take care to clean off those unpolished edges, remove the sheet that’s kept you hidden for how ever many years you’ve allowed, and show the world the you that was meant to be.



Revolutionary You! #68-Practical Solutions For Diastasis Recti With Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall

I have the great pleasure of speaking with Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall this week. Dr. Sarah is a physical therapist who has done an incredible amount of work putting out material regarding the pelvic floor, post-partum core work and our topic this week, diastasis recti. You can learn more about Dr. Sarah’s work at To learn more about your host, please visit and like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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