Revolutionary You! #155-Justine Lichtenstern: The Troubleshoot For Toxic Thinking

Justine Lichtenstern is the head trainer and coach of Flexible Dieting Optimal Training. Her coaching platform is solely for women wanting to feel stronger and break the mentality of fad diets. We cover a great deal of ground in this episode focusing on more effective self-talk and embracing the strength you gain from appropriate resistance training. To learn more about joining up with Justine, you can follow her at and at her blog You can learn more about your host by visiting and You can also like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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2 thoughts on “Revolutionary You! #155-Justine Lichtenstern: The Troubleshoot For Toxic Thinking

  1. Justine is amazing! She taught me not to fear food and enjoy it and showed me this new empowering world of resistance training. I feel so strong and I love it! No more diets, no more anxiety and depression, I feel very comfortable in my own body. I wish more women get to learn from her since we have been conditioned to do the opposite from what we are supposed to. Thank you Justine!

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  2. Justine. Here is a coach who cares more about long term health and all around enjoyment of life over trying to maintaine an unrealistic super lean body
    When I started with Justine my goal was to build a booty. Turns outs I started to build my life. ( the booty is just the cherry on top)
    She is breaking the mold in coaching. Fighting to keep the diet culture nonscene at bay to get women informed to live, eat, thrive, and lead
    Great podcast Jason. Bring her back soon

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