Revolutionary You! #33-Digging Deeper Into Adrenal Fatigue With Dr. Karl Nadolsky

Dr. Karl Nadolsky joins me again after his excellent episode earlier this year discussing hormones and this time we dive into the world of adrenal fatigue. Dr. Karl explains some of the myths behind what the media tells us and what further testing may show. We also discuss the reality of adrenal insufficiency and the myriad of other issues which could be occurring underneath the surface. As always Dr. Karl shares a wealth of information so you don’t want to miss this. To learn more about the website he references in the episode, please check out To learn more about Dr. Karl, please visit There you’ll find his contributions with his brother Dr. Spencer (also a resident guest on our show) and you can connect with each of them on their respective social media channels. To learn more about your host, please visit Download, subscribe, share with your friends and let us know how we’re doing!

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