Revolutionary You! #22-A Case for Veganism in Strength and Fitness With Dr. Garth Davis

I have the great pleasure of speaking with Dr. Garth Davis, who is the author of Proteinaholic (available on Amazon) and highly successful bariatric surgeon based out of Texas. My knowledge of him began through his advocacy of veganism and plant-based diets through our circle of friends and colleagues in the fitness industry. He joins me on this episode to give a very insightful and passionate take on his philosophies for pursuing a plant-based diet for overall health and wellness. This is quite a episode and I always love learning new perspectives on ways to help individuals in this industry. To learn more about Dr. Garth, check out his book Proteinaholic on Amazon and connect with him on Facebook at on Twitter at To find out more about your host, Jason Leenaarts, please visit Subscribe, download and share this episode with your friends and don’t forget to leave us a review to let us know how we’re doing!

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