Revolutionary You! #191-Dr. Susan Kleiner: The Case For Grains

For her third appearance on the show (see episodes #135 and #142), Dr. Susan Kleiner joins me to discuss some of her presentation from the 2019 Fitness Summit. She had a fascinating take on what’s been happening with grain production, manufacturing and how our bodies have, in turn, responded to them. An episode fully focused on grains had not been accomplished yet on this show and we dove in to it this week. Dr. Susan is always a wealth of great information and I know you won’t be disappointed with this one. To learn more about her work and to purchase her books, please visit To learn more about your host, check out and You can also like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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When Your “Better” Isn’t Enough

In theory, the key to weight loss is consume less, move more.

It sounds so simple, so frustratingly and insultingly simple.

Within that key to weight loss though, is a vast array of complications. Things that we as people and even we as coaches don’t always remember to account for.

Years ago, a former client of mine said “I wish I could lose weight for all the things I’m NOT eating.”

And therein lies the rub.

When you start trying to improve the way you eat, you have a lot of options available to you: food tracking, smaller portions, measuring cups, food scales, habit tracking, food delivery (a la Hello Fresh), reduction of liquid calories, etc.

This doesn’t even go into the ridiculous amount of TYPES of diets: vegan, keto, IF (intermittent fasting), low carb, paleo, carnivore, raw food, Whole30, etc.

But let’s start simply with just change.

One of the first obstacles is the admission that YES, I am eating more than my body can handle…thus weight gain. (I am for the sake of some brevity, removing the rare occurrences of a medical condition(s) that could affect weight gain.)

Because we, as people, are terribly forgetful when it comes to what we eat, sometimes the changes we make are not significant enough.

Let’s look at this from a numbers standpoint for a moment.

Assume that your body, at maintenance, requires 2000 calories to hold steady at your current weight.

If you have been eating over 2000 calories consistently over time, without changing your daily activity level, weight will invariably go UP.

If you have been eating under 2000 calories consistently over time, without changing your daily activity level, weight will invariably go DOWN.

But, what if you’re well over your maintenance? We live in a day and age where portion sizes have gone up so significantly that many of us have literally no idea what a “proper” portion size is. And as portion sizes have gone up, so have our appetites. The hungrier we get, the more we want to eat.

Then you add in things like: stress, poor sleep, hyper-palatable, highly processed foods that are exceptionally easy to overconsume and you have a perfect storm of reasons why weight has gone up.

So, when we, as people, try to improve our eating habits we sometimes only focus on the fact that it is “better” than it used to be.

Let’s go back to our hypothetical caloric intake.

Let’s say that despite the 2000 calories of maintenance you “should” be at or below, you’ve been steadily increasing over time your intake and you, on average consume 3000 calories a day.

Weight has gone up, you are not satisfied with the number on the scale and you elect to make some changes.

What if those changes, significant by most accounts, only adds up to 700 calories a day that you remove?

Now, the 3000 calories that your body has acclimated to has been reduced to 700. You are still in surplus by 300 calories. You are still not losing weight.

And all you can think is: “But I’m doing so much better than I used to!”

And you would be right.

It just wouldn’t be enough.

Not to mention, the drop from 3000 calories to 2300 will be noticeable. You will be hungry. That hunger will aggravate you to no end.

And the truth of the matter, is that this same individual likely needs to be even lower…

And I’m talking, somewhere to the tune of 1600-1700 calories a day.

Imagine that for a moment. Taking a body that has adjusted to 3000 calories a day and driving it down by nearly 50%. Significant barely touches the surface.

A skeptical person might say: “I hear you. But there’s no way I’m eating 1000 calories above my maintenance.”

Maybe not.

But how closely have you measured?

How exact are those measurements?

How consistently are you there?

Do you eat to plan for three days, overeat for a day or two, get back on plan for two days and then wonder why you haven’t lost weight?

There are other things that matter too: the right amount of water (which is hotly debated by the way), the volume of your bowel movements (are you getting quality fiber in your diet), and the appropriate balance of macronutrients (protein, fats, carbs) that allows you to feel and perform your best.

I recently had this conversation with a client who swears as the day is long that they have been eating the right amount of calories to guarantee weight loss and the weight went up? Why? What gives?

For starters, this same client was chronically dehydrated due to a plethora of events going on with their job. You add dehydration and a lack of regular bowel movements and the body is literally retaining weight in the form of fluids and waste…POUNDS of retention.

Is is frustrating? It absolutely is.

Because we want to believe that it is just a calorie conversation. And it is…mostly.

But weight loss, or I should more accurately state, fat loss, is akin to putting pieces of a puzzle together. You might get the sense of the picture of a completed puzzle if you’re missing a piece or two but you won’t see the WHOLE picture.

So, if you’re frustrated with your results, drill down the details. Pull all of your puzzle pieces together and look harder. Ask yourself where anything could be slightly awry.

Sometimes “better” gets you there.

But sometimes, “better” needs to be better than that.

Below is my friend and hybrid (online and face-to-face) client, Scott. Despite a hectic work and travel schedule, he’s down 15 lbs. He’s halfway to his ideal weight. Scott has found his “better” and…it’s working.

“We Make Great People Greater”






Revolutionary You! #190-BONUS-Lydia Slaby: “Wait, It Gets Worse”

In this week’s bonus episode, I am joined by author and cancer survivor, Lydia Slaby. Her book “Wait, It Gets Worse” came out in March of this year and her story is beyond inspiring. She discusses how cancer affected her and her marriage, as well as the unpredictable detours that occurred after diagnosis and how she is living her life today. To learn more about Lydia’s work and purchase her book, visit You can also connect with her on social media at To learn more about your host, visit and You can also like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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Revolutionary You! #189-Dr. Lisa Lewis: Stages Of Motivation

When Dr. Lisa Lewis and her husband, Tony Gentilcore, joined me last year for their debut on the show (episode #157) I knew they would be returning again. Having just returned from the 2019 Fitness Summit, Lisa was one of the presenters there. She gave a fantastic presentation on what we know regarding motivation and how to coach our clients to success. There was one slide in particular which I felt deserved an episode all on it’s own. So, I welcome back Dr. Lisa this week to talk about the stages of motivation. We use actual client scenarios to describe where motivation can be in our lives and how it’s serving to get us closer to our goals. To learn more about Lisa’s work, please visit To learn more about your host, check out and You can also like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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FitPros You Should Know (Part One)

Coming back from my second trip down to Kansas City for the annual Fitness Summit, it was great to see faces I had the privilege of connecting with last year as well as people who I had been clamoring to meet for some time.

It was even more exciting for me to see that of the 13 speakers (plus our host, Lou Schuler) over half of those presenting have been kind enough to take time out of their day to join me on the podcast at some point over the last few years.

So, while there are literally hundreds of people operating in and around the fitness industry who I think you should be following, I wanted to give a special shout out to those who I got to connect with this year so that you can learn more about them. As I go through the list (in order of Summit appearance), I’ll link up the episode(s) they did with me on the show if you’d like some more insight into who they are and what they bring to the table.

I will also give honorable mention to those who have not been on the show yet because there is a good chance some of them may be joining me in the future: Ryan Ketchum, Nick Sorrell, Carolyn MacDonald, Bret Contreras, Lee Boyce and Mike T. Nelson. Thank you to all of you for some great presentations!

Our Master of Ceremonies was none other than Lou Schuler. I have been following Lou for the better part of my career in this industry. He has co-authored so many influential fitness books as well as been the author of countless articles contributing no B.S. fitness advice for the fitness enthusiast and my fellow trainers. Our episode together was released way back in December of 2016, which means he’s long overdue to come back on the show. I can’t speak highly enough about the books he’s written and I’ve always enjoyed everything I’ve consumed of Lou’s work. You can hear our episode together HERE

Kelly Coffey was the first to present at TFS this year. I have only been following her work for a few years but I have always found her work something that deeply resonates with me. Like me, Kelly is a recovering addict. She has also successfully maintained over 150lbs of weight loss and coaches people from all over the world in efforts to help them take control over their health. What I love about her approach is she has a greater understanding of addictive behaviors than most coaches and is very habit-focused in what she teaches. She and I have done two excellent episodes together and every time I get to talk to her, I learn something new that makes me appreciate her and the work she does even more. I can assure you, she will definitely be invited back on the show again. You can hear our first episode together HERE and our second episode HERE.

Dr. Lisa Lewis was next up and, while I was less familiar overall with her work, she had an exceptional presentation with regard to coaching and motivation. She’s married to one of the most acclaimed strength coaches in the industry, Tony Gentilcore, and the two of them were kind enough to join me together on the show several months ago. I will tip my hat in advance and tell you that by time you read this, I will be close to releasing another episode with just Lisa so we can dive further into some of what she presented regarding motivation and goal setting. And for those of you who live somewhat close to RevFit, keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement of Tony and Lisa bringing one of their workshops to our studio. You will NOT want to miss it! You can hear the episode we did together HERE

Melody Schoenfeld put together a great hands-on workshop with focus on isometric work and new twists on range of motion challenges to spice up exercises like push-ups and pull-ups. When she’s not bending steel, tearing up phone books or decks of cards, Melody is wreaking havoc on stage (she’s a musician) and studio with her clients. She is also one of my favorite resources when I have questions about the vegan lifestyle as well, something she wrote a book on and we got to discuss when she came on my show. You can hear that episode HERE 

Greg Nuckols kicked off the second day of the event with an excellent talk about the intersection of strength and relative size. Greg has always had a love of dissecting research and presenting it to the masses in ways that the science geeks can appreciate and the in-depth enthusiast. He heads Stronger By Science (linked at his name) and is part of the team that produces the monthly research review MASS (highly recommended.) I got to see him speak last year as well and his focus was on female strength training. I was so impressed by the information that when I brought him on the show, that was our topic to dive into. You can hear that episode HERE.

Dr. Susan Kleiner is a legend in the nutrition field and she delivered a fantastic presentation on grains and considerations for how they should be in our diet. She has been on my show twice as we were promoting her newest book The New Power Eating. Both episodes are excellent and she is lined up for a third appearance so we can circle back to her thoughts on grain consumption so keep your ears open for that episode. Our first episode together is HERE and the second one is HERE 

Leigh Peele, and I don’t say this lightly, has been my biggest advocate in the industry. When she first came on my show, I was already a huge fan of her work and over the years, as we have gotten to understand more about how each of us coach clients to be the best versions of themselves, my respect and admiration for her has grown by leaps and bounds. I say with privilege that she is not only an inspiration, she is genuinely a friend. Her presentation actually touched on some things we spoke on in our very first episode together, which is critical thinking. We have done three episodes together. Two of which were with Leigh solo (first one is HERE and our most recent is HEREWe also did a joint episode with another fitness professional you should be following, Meghan Callaway That episode can be found HERE 

Last but not least, James Krieger was the keynote speaker. He is one of the most sought after speakers in our industry and for good reason. James, like the aforementioned Greg Nuckols, has a knack and affinity for sifting through mountains of data and research to give the public a clearer understanding of what the latest in exercise science is unveiling. He oversees the research review Weightology which is linked up at his name above. I find it to be a complementary product to MASS and I am personally subscribed to both reviews. James spoke on the principles of hypertrophy in his presentation and gave a considerable amount of thought to the myriad ways that one can train to maximize size and strength. He has been so generous with his time to also be on my show three times. His only solo appearance was HERE We also did a joint episode with Stephan Guyenet, someone else you should definitely be following. That episode, which is to date my second most downloaded show ever is HERE My most recent episode with James also included our buddy, Mike Howardand that episode can be found HERE

If you were to completely unfollow every health professional in your social circle and only be subscribed to the individuals listed above, believe me, you would be light years beyond most with the knowledge at your ear drums and fingertips. I’ve barely brushed the surface of all of the greats in this industry but this is a fantastic “starter pack” if you want a glimpse of some of the people I can call friends, mentors and guides. I will definitely be shouting out more movers and shakers in the future, hence the reason to call this post Part One. For the time being, you’ll have plenty of wisdom to sift through with all of these folks.

It’s been an honor to have the aforementioned on my show and is yet another reminder of why it’s been a pleasure and labor of love to continue to put it out week after week.

Here’s the lineup as we were finishing the seminar. Thank you to all who came down, put in the time and continued to lead the industry to better places.



Revolutionary You! #188-Dr. Ann Barter: Collaborative Care

As many of my fellow trainers know, sometimes we have to refer out to other health and wellness practitioners to get more in-depth care when issues arise beyond our scope of practice. Locally, I’ve been fortunate to have chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, etc. to refer out to when needed. I am joined today by Colorado based chiropractor, Dr. Ann Barter to talk about this type of collaborative care. She recognized in her own field where different approaches could be complementary and effective. Using professionals like I mentioned above as well as medical doctors to work in unison to help patients thrive, Dr. Barter has been extremely successful in understanding how several parties can work together for the same end goal of the patient. To learn more about Dr. Barter’s work, visit and To learn more about your host, check out and You can also like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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Mama’s Boy

I was raised by a father who loved and respected his mother.
I was raised by a mother who loves and respects hers.

It’s been the rarest of occasions that I have ever seen a man on either side of my family disrespect the matriarch.

In full transparency, I definitely had my ages where I was more defiant than others, more selfish than others and more inclined to argue with my mother rather than listen to her. Most of that happened in my adolescence but some of it carried on.

It’s been over eight years since my father left this world and, in many ways, his passing brought me closer to my mother. She has always been a symbol of strength, compassion, selflessness and love to me and for me.

So, when I’ve heard the term “mama’s boy”, I’ve seen it as a term of endearment.

Whenever I hear stories from people who no longer speak to or associate with their mothers, it makes me feel legitimately sorry for them. The truth of the matter is that some people are truly toxic individuals and just because you brought a child into this world, doesn’t mean you were fit to be a parent. That is a sad and unfortunate reality.

Then of course, there are all of those people who have lost their mothers. My deepest condolences if your mother is not here in this world today.

I can’t imagine my life without my Mom.

And this goes far beyond my own relationship.

I look at Jackson and the relationship he has with his mother, Megan. He adores her and she him. She has sacrificed and compromised greatly to give him as much as any boy could possibly need. I love that he loves his mother. And he will never hear me speak a disrespectful word about her. On those few occasions where I have seen him act out around her, I have to remind him: “Jackson, be nice to your mother. Be sweet to your mother.”

And with Sebastian, it’s no different. He is the light in his mother’s eyes. Sebastian loves Marissa and Marissa loves being his Mom. The same circumstances apply. Marissa sacrifices and compromises a great deal to be able to spend time with Sebastian and give him what he needs to mature and grow. I’ll never forget the night before he was born in the hospital when Marissa went into AFib and the thought crossed my mind “What if she leaves this world and I have to raise him by myself with no mother to care for him?” Marissa would have made that sacrifice. Thankfully, we never had to see that result occur.

I’ll raise my boys to the best of my capacity to love, cherish and respect their mothers. I will, when the time is right, share with them times when I was not respectful to women so they can better appreciate that it was not appropriate behavior.

I think a world where men have more appreciation for women leads to a better world, a more loving world, and a kinder world. My mother taught me those lessons. My father did too. And it went beyond what they taught me. They treated their own mothers with the same love and respect they passed on to me.

Knowing all of these things is what makes it extra special at RevFit when we can make our own impact by making our moms stronger, more confident and more capable.

If you are in position to remind your mother of how much you love her and how thankful you are that she brought you into this world, I encourage you to do so. Not just because it’s Mother’s Day this weekend but because she very likely gave up more of her time, effort, energy and love to make you the person you are today.

Which means, in a roundabout way, every day is Mother’s Day.

To my Mom, I love you. I thank you.



Revolutionary You! #187-Briana Theroux and Alex Leaf: Body Acceptance, Fat Shaming and Health At Every Size

I am joined this week by nutrition coach, Briana Theroux and nutrition researcher, Alex Leaf, on the topics of body acceptance, fat shaming and health at every size. Several months ago, Alex made a post on social media with regard to body acceptance and it got a lot of feedback both positive and negative. We dive into the nuance of these topics in today’s episode. There are so many different avenues we could have taken these ideas and I think you’ll find the perspectives here worth diving further into. To learn more about Briana, please visit her website at or you can find her on Facebook at and on Instagram at To learn more about Alex, visit his website at and check out his research work at He can also be found on Facebook at where you can also see the original post referenced in this episode. To learn more about your host, check out and You can also like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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Five Things I Got Wrong and Five Things I Got Right In My First Ten Years Of Business

How do I celebrate the ten year anniversary of Revolution Fitness & Therapy (RevFit?)

With gratitude and humility.

These ten years have been the most challenging, the most rewarding, the most painful, the most stressful and the most gratifying years of my life. They have changed what I thought I could do, what I thought I could never do and what, somewhat miraculously, has been able to grow year after year.

As you read through the list below, I will give the disclaimer that what you see with this business is not accomplished by me. It is accomplished by the clients, by my staff, and by my family who ultimately are both the benefactors of RevFit’s success and the ones who sometimes get caught in the crosshairs of a slightly insane business owner.

I owe EVERYTHING to the three parties mentioned above.

But this list is mine alone. A small glimpse at some major mistakes and major successes that at any point could have gone either direction for me. When I failed, it was my failure to own and be responsible for. When I succeeded, it was because others gave me the ability to succeed.

If you are in the fitness industry, I hope some of this is helpful for you. I am well aware that RevFit has survived LONG after most trainers can remain in the industry. That is a gift I wake up every day grateful for.

Without further ado…

Five Things I Got Wrong

  1. I Didn’t Get My Finances In Order Early Enough. It’s easy to think “I can add, I can subtract, therefore I can handle my business finances. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Certainly in my case. The first three years of my business were the most financially treacherous. I had to borrow thousands and thousands of dollars from my family to keep the ship afloat. When you don’t have the money to hire an accountant, you have to find ways to “trim the fat” of your expenses. I struggled with this greatly and my parents had to help me. At the end of that financial experiment (circa 2012), my mother (on the heels of my father’s passing) said in no uncertain terms “I cannot help you any more. If you cannot get this business to work you will either have to find a second job or shut your doors.” That was my shit-or-get-off-the-pot moment. I had enough money at that time to hire an accountant who could oversee my taxes, profit and loss statements, etc. It also helped to have an external perspective to help me understand how to balance income versus expenses. My tax professional is the office of Deb Anzelc (Anzelc & Associates.) To Deb, I say: Thank you for being my client, my friend and the person to help me with this. Your office and your staff have been exceptional to me and I am so thankful to have you in my corner.
  2. I Spent Too Much Time And Money On The Wrong Type Of Marketing. After spending 16 years working for other businesses and in management roles for 13 of those 16, I thought I had my marketing plan down pat. I did not. Virtually nothing I did from the traditional viewpoint of marketing helped my business. I put out flyers, I had terrible looking mason jars where people could put their business cards in for free sessions, I put flyers on windshields, I paid for print advertising, I tried damn near everything that worked so well for other businesses and they were almost worthless for me. Hundreds, then thousands of dollars were spent early on just trying to get someone in my door. The return on investment never came back around for these efforts. I DID, however, find some marketing avenues that worked for me but you will have to read the successes down below for that part. Unfortunately for many in the fitness industry, we are misled by savvy marketers who try to convince us their method is the best way. This did not work for me and my bank account suffered for it.
  3. I Had A Sense Of Entitlement. You know those participation ribbons that people get just for “showing up?” Yes, I hate that concept too. But for some reason, I felt like it didn’t apply to me. There was a stubborn part of me who felt that since I was the new business on the block that everyone should come train with me. Nope. It doesn’t really work that way. Personal training is “personal” for a reason. Clients want to build a relationship with someone they are going to pay their hard earned money to in efforts to help them reach their goals. Just having a shiny new business card in hand and being nice isn’t going to make the crowds flock to your door. It didn’t work that way in 2009 and it definitely doesn’t work that way now. Referrals have always been what keep us alive and thriving but the clients still had to get the results. Ultimately, our clients are our walking advertisements. If they succeed, we succeed. But I was entitled to nothing. I still had to work my ass off for every single person who came through my door (and I still do.)
  4. People Got Hurt. This is a painful one to admit but it’s the truth. When you are pushing the physical limits of a body, as strength training is designed to (in appropriate doses), you run the risk of injury. By and large, for how much our clients push, the injury rate here is fantastically low. I am proud of that. But after 10 years of business, there are two clients of note who were injured to a degree that it may always affect their ability to exercise. This is something that still rattles me to this day. Both injuries occurred during my watch. One of which I believe I could have been more pro-active with to prevent, the other I am not sure I could have changed the outcome of. Many conversations have occurred with each of these individuals and I still (to this day) rake myself over the coals about how each turned out. If there is any silver lining to these incidents it is that it taught me how to ask more questions about pain, recovery, level of intensity and rehabilitation. I believe these scenarios have directly affected our ability to keep the injury rates low here. But when you’re in the business of improving the lives of others, it’s a difficult pill to swallow when you know that two people will likely never be able to have exercise in their lives the way it was prior to injury.
  5. There Was One Who Got Away. It can be a slippery slope of running a small business. You want growth, more profit, more clients, more results, more happy people spreading the word to all of their family and friends about their experience here. It’s all great when that happens, right? Until…it’s not. One downside to growth is that a client who may have once had more direct contact with you now sees less of you because other clients are vying for attention. A smarter business person than I would have had a solution for this. But as our business grew, I had a client who felt lost in the shuffle. This was my fault. My attention was elsewhere and with others on the floor. Had I been more on top of this, I could have kept up dialogue with this client to make sure they were getting the time they needed with me. We operate a semi-private atmosphere here which means that usually others are training at the same time (albeit on different training programs.) Most of our clients are acclimated to this approach but I lost a good client because I didn’t have the right systems in place to make sure all of our clients were equally cared for. Once I realized where I slipped, I brought my staff together to troubleshoot this so that the likelihood of a re-occurrence was minimized.

5 Things I Got Right

  1. Networking. Around my first year of business, I was fortunate to be accepted into a business networking group in the area. This was a pivotal time for me. I had access to many of the professional movers and shakers (realtors, bankers, accountants, attorneys, etc.) who congregated for the sole purpose of referring business to one another. Upon acceptance into the group, I did everything I could to refer business to as many of the members as possible. Once the group realized that I wasn’t involved simply for my own sake, the members of the group either signed up to train with me or sent other business my way. I am proud and honored to say that even though I stepped away from that group around 2013, I still train two people who I met in that group back then (Thank You, Mike and Brandon.) Learning how to develop a deep network of business professionals has been immensely helpful to me over the years. I now have a pool of talent I can refer out to when my clients need it.
  2. I Built A Community. I owe this to the advice of Steven Ledbetter (Coach Stevo) and the team of Habitry. I started a virtual community on Facebook. The first was more open forum so I could push content (blogs, podcasts, etc.) and the second developed for current clientele so I could dive further into nutrition, pain points of dieting, etc. This became a place where the advice I wanted to put out into the world had a forum and it gave current clients a base of support for one another when they struggle with the process. But within these four walls, the right demographic of clients started to form. A group that even if I imagined it, it wouldn’t have had the power and impact that they do today. Recently, a client told me: “I don’t think you realize the positive impact you have on people.” While I greatly appreciate the sentiment and I hope I get more right than wrong, the real impact of RevFit is the camaraderie and support of our clients. They never cease to amaze me. If I did anything right, I gave them the environment where they could thrive, be themselves, be supported and succeed.
  3. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. Who knew that the single best piece of marketing I could align myself with would be 100% free? I started posting pictures of my clients several years ago on Facebook and later Instagram. Facebook is still my platform of choice but being able to show off the weight loss, the personal records, the smiles, the celebrations and the progress of my clients has been monumental for this business. Every time a client allows me to tag them in a post, their network sees them do great things. That snowball builds over time and pretty soon, people start asking questions: Where do you train? What is it like? Are you happy there? Honestly, it lets me project happiness and positivity into a platform that is often wrought with complaining, negativity and otherwise unproductive ranting. Sometimes I just look back through the hundreds and hundreds of pictures we’ve amassed and say “Wow. Look at all the things our clients have done!”
  4. I Had The Right People At The Right Time. I have been very fortunate that I have only employed a small handful of people over the time we’ve been in business. Some of them were let go, some left of their own accord. Regardless, I believe I had the right staff at the right time. When you run a business like this, there are so many personality dynamics to mesh with. Every client has their own set of obstacles, goals, and dreams. Having the right staff in place, since I cannot work with every individual exclusively has been immensely helpful for me. It’s helped me understand how to be a better boss and a more effective coach. Currently, I have my team of Mike and Luke who have been with me for over a year now. They’re fine young men, they do everything I ask of them and I hope, that in return, they’ve had a good experience being a part of what we do. I want to thank each and every person who has worked for me over the last 10 years because, when they were here, they were crucial to our success at that time. For that, I am sincerely grateful.
  5. We’re A Team, We’re A Family. Where RevFit is currently, with the stable of clients that we have, is far beyond my wildest dreams. Several years ago, I wanted to give new clients a personalized RevFit shirt when they joined. Part of it, obviously, was to advertise the business. But the other part was to make our clients feel like they were part of a team. Much like sport jerseys, I put the last name of each client on the back of their shirts. It was my affectionate way of saying “You’re one of us. You’re part of a team. And a team succeeds together.” This practice has continued to this day. I even stretched out into the guests I bring on my podcast. They all get RevFit shirts as well. The RevFit family officially is an international presence and that is a very awesome thing to see. There’s another element to this as well. When you own a business, every person who is a patron not only helps you keep your doors open, they help you support your family. I have a beautiful wife, I have two beautiful sons. My clients help me feed my family and keep a roof over their heads. For that, I am so very grateful. If you are someone who helps me support my family, YOU are family. So, it’s not uncommon for me to introduce a client to my boys and say “Say Hi to Uncle John, Say Hi to Aunt Laura!” Yes, my boys have a lot of aunts and uncles right now, most of whom are not blood relations.


I wish I could say I have solved every problem in this business. I wish I could say we are a well-oiled machine that never breaks down. Neither statement is true. What I can say, is that by and large, we keep improving and I can’t imagine it any other way. If you would have asked me ten years ago where this business would be, I wouldn’t have had an answer. In looking forward to the next ten years, I’m still unclear on that too. All I know is, we’ve been given a gift to help every person who has walked through these doors. Many times we succeed, many times we stumble. But we keep trying. We will continue to do so.

On behalf of myself, Mike and Luke, thank you to everyone who has made this journey possible. You could be training at any of the many other fitness options available to you and you picked us. It is my hope that we are making you proud of that choice.

You give us the ability to emphatically proclaim that: We Make Great People Greater.



Revolutionary You! #186-Josh Hillis: Let The Monsters Ride The Bus

Joining me for his third time, it’s always a pleasure to have Josh Hillis back on the show. You can check out his previous episodes (#71, #121) if you haven’t already heard them for more great insight into his work. This go-round we talk about what he has been up to since he transitioned away from the One By One Nutrition team so he could focus on school, clients and his next two books. This episode is a further dive into the things that work and don’t work for emotional eating and how to conquer it. To learn more about Josh’s work, pick up his book co-authored with none other than Dan John called “Fat Loss Happens On Monday” and visit his website at To learn more about your host, check out and You can also like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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