Greetings From The Land Of Perfect People (Wish You Were Here)

I woke up this past weekend after a perfect night’s sleep next to my perfect wife in our immaculate bedroom with our perfect Boxer. Shortly thereafter, our perfect toddler with his perfect hair and angel-sweet disposition joined us. We enjoyed a perfect cup of coffee, had a perfectly cooked breakfast and our entire day could not have gone better. It was…perfect.

When my week began, I started my day at my perfectly run business joined by my perfect staff and my perfect clients with their perfect lives and perfect diets and I thought to myself “My God, my life couldn’t be more pristine. I couldn’t find a flaw around me if my life depended on it.”

Except, none of this is true.

My life is as chaotic, unpredictable, amazing, scary, shocking, and incredible as I can possibly imagine. There are things that have been going unbelievably well and things that I think are going to fall apart any moment.

I know, I know…it’s 2020. We’re all experiencing something like this.

The thing is…we’re still striving for perfection.

We’re waiting for the perfect time to reign the diet in.

We’re waiting for the perfect time to change jobs.

We’re waiting for the perfect partner to settle down with.

We’re waiting for the perfect solution to this Godforsaken virus.

We’re waiting for the perfect moment in time for someone to hand us the magic pill so we can accomplish more…by doing less…

Personally, I’m in a boat with 2020 where it honestly hasn’t been ALL bad.

Don’t get me wrong, some really terrible things have happened this year.

Professionally, the first series of lockdowns in our state was kind of scary. We may face yet another shut down soon if the spikes don’t get under control.

My wife and I have had the toughest year in the nearly 11 we’ve been together.

Therapy has been more grueling than I ever imagined due to events in my childhood that occurred almost four decades ago and every negative reaction I’ve had to them since.

I lost my client and friend, Terry, to a sudden heart attack two weeks ago.

And yet…

And yet…

RevFit is still having a stellar year.

Many of our clients are seeing fantastic results in spite of the virus.

I’ve had several breakthrough moments with therapy.

Marissa and I turned a corner in our marriage and are doing better now than we ever have.

And still…nothing in life is perfect.

Not in mine.

Not in my wife’s and not for any of my clients regardless of how successful they are with their goals.

Perfect has virtually no place in my vocabulary.

What I find I’m grasping onto with both hands and working with is incremental steps, better habits, more realistic goals and even as little as 10% more progress in any area of my life than I had a year ago.

No one knew what 2020 would bring. As we near the end of it, we have no idea how or if 2021 will be better.

So, where does that leave us?

Where does it leave you and your goals and your dreams and your frustrations?

Hopefully, in a place where perfect doesn’t exist.

Because no one will hand you that. Not in this year and not in the next one.

So, if you’re waiting for ideal environments and perfect opportunities that you can guarantee 90-days of planning over…good luck.

It won’t ever come.

This year had all potential to be completely and utterly devastating and we have no guarantee of how or when it will end.

So, if you’re here and you’re reading this and you’re waiting for a sign to change…

This is the sign.

Start now.

Signing off from the Land of (Im)Perfect People

…wish you were here.

“We Make Great People Greater”

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