You’re The Inspiration

*The title of this post was taken from the Chicago song of the same name*

What started as simply a way to spread the good word about client success and a partial glimpse of what we do at RevFit has grown by leaps and bounds.

If I had to give a rough guess at how many of our clients are kind enough to let us post pictures of them on social media I would say 60-70%. I’m actually thrilled about that.

And as helpful as all of these pictures have been to promote the business, there’s been another really great result.

These pictures are inspiring.

They inspire clients to work harder or to even start working on themselves at all.

They inspire the support of our community with every post like, love, or similar emotion.

They’ve inspired trainers and health professionals who have taken the time to contact me from others states, other countries, and other continents to applaud the efforts of our clients.

In many ways, the pictures are a reminder to the clients themselves of how far they’ve come, how hard they work and the people they connect with who are at RevFit for the same reason: to get a little bit better every time they walk through the door.

Granted, we’re not the first personal training facility to post pictures of our clients. We certainly won’t be the last.

We do have a blast celebrating their successes and posting that little reminder that:

“Hey, you hit a PR today!”


“Hey, you’re down 20lbs! AMAZING!”

Another somewhat unexpected result has come as well:

Friends of clients will make a remark if they haven’t seen a picture of them training in a while. Even people who don’t train with us are inspired by their friends who do.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll join someday as well.

This post is really just about all of you incredible clients who are kind enough to let us share your successes with the world.

People see you. They are motivated by your results. Your greatness inspires others to achieve the same.

On behalf of Megan, Julie and myself, we are honored to be with you for the ride.


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